Reveiled is a premium wedding resale destination. The wedding industry has wasteful practices of overproduction and overconsumption. Reveiled's re-commerce platform is helping drive the wedding industry towards a more sustainable future. Our exceptionally exclusive inventory is curated by our community of soon to be brides and newlyweds. Reveiled provides its community with inspiration, tools and features to lead the change as they sell and buy unique pre-loved pieces from each other's weddings. Reveiled’s community is the one holding a wealth of treasures from their wedding, and their willingness to give their wedding items a new life allows us to develop what we believe is the world's most desirable online wedding marketplace.
Contemporary wedding dress showcasing chic design.
Reveiled is a community-powered platform transforming the way we consume within the wedding industry, by empowering and connecting newlyweds and soon to be brides.
Timeless enchantment: bride in a captivating gown
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